Booking a Treatment

There are two ways to see me for treatment: Sliding-Scale Clinics (Acupuncture and Tuina Massage) and acupuncture appointments on Tuesdays at Calming Influence.

Sliding-Scale Clinics

For information on booking a treatment at any of the Acupuncture or Tuina Massage sliding-scale clinics, please visit the Clinics page or you can go directly to the acupuncture or tuina massage clinic pages by clicking on the blue links above. The acupuncture scale is $65 down to $35. The tuina massage scale is $75 down to $50.

Acupuncture at Calming Influence

Tuesdays I hold appointments for acupuncture at Calming Influence, 74 N. Cooper Ave., Memphis, TN 38104. To book a treatment there please visit their online scheduling page here. The cost of one treatment is $65.